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Arianne & Scott Bridal Session

I get asked a lot of times what a “bridal session” is. Bridal sessions are perfect for the bride and groom who would like to have a lot of portraits taken of them in their formal attire outside of the wedding day. This provides a wonderful opportunity for them to get both formal and candid shots of just the two of them outside of the chaos of the wedding. Often times, the day of the wedding can be so stressful that the bride has little to no time for photos with her new husband. A separate photo shoot is sometimes the perfect option for that!

 Take a look at Arianne and Scott’s bridal session at the beach!

2015-10-18_0015.jpgPin It2015-10-18_0016.jpgPin It2015-10-18_0017.jpgPin It2015-10-18_0018.jpgPin It2015-10-18_0019.jpgPin It2015-10-18_0020.jpgPin It2015-10-18_0021.jpgPin It2015-10-18_0026.jpgPin It2015-10-18_0022.jpgPin It2015-10-18_0023.jpgPin It2015-10-18_0024.jpgPin It

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