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Bridgette & Chris

I had so much fun with these two on their anniversary shoot at the beach. Bridgette is the proud owner of an online vintage clothing store called the Underground Pearl. She has such a unique style and everything she wore from this session can be found through her store. Be sure to check it out HERE.

2016-03-21_0032.jpgPin It2016-03-21_0033.jpgPin It2016-03-21_0034.jpgPin It2016-03-21_0035.jpgPin It2016-03-21_0036.jpgPin It2016-03-21_0042.jpgPin It2016-03-21_0043.jpgPin It2016-03-21_0049.jpgPin It2016-03-21_0044.jpgPin It2016-03-21_0050.jpgPin It2016-03-21_0051.jpgPin It2016-03-21_0052.jpgPin It2016-03-21_0053.jpgPin It2016-03-21_0054.jpgPin It2016-03-21_0055.jpgPin It2016-03-21_0056.jpgPin It2016-03-21_0057.jpgPin It2016-03-21_0058.jpgPin It

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