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Julie & Spencer: Griffith Observatory

I absolutely LOVED meeting up with Spencer & Julie at the Griffith Observatory in LA. You wouldn’t believe how busy this day was. Getting there, parking, trying to find spots without humans occupying them….all a challenge! However, these two made it seem effortless. Such a JOY

Sydney Seniors: The Camp

I had such a blast photographing Sydney for her senior photo session at The Camp in Costa Mesa! This place offers the funkiest vibe and is so great for portraits like these. We were dying over all the pink flowers! California has short seasons so we were soaking in every second of Spring! Check it

Palm Springs

My husband and I decided to take a little road trip over Spring Break so I could play around with some photo ideas. Getting into fashion photography has always been a dream of mine and I’ve actually never even photographed a male before unless it was for head shots! My husband was such a


Today my baby turned 3 And my heart broke and exploded all at the same time And I kissed his baby face and told him I loved him more times than the sun has risen or set in his lifetime And I gave him a cake with three candles And I cuddled his cosy cheeks And stroked his curly ringlets And smelled

Michaela & Josh Christmas Tree Session

Michaela & Josh are two of the most darling people. Michaela has her own photography business  ( and she and I have worked together a lot! She is an absolute angel and not only talented, but cute to boot! We had so much fun doing this Christmas Tree love session together

Christmas with the Gharrings

“It doesn’t need sugar ’cause it’s already sweet It doesn’t need an oven ’cause it’s got a lot of heat Just add a dash of kisses to make it all complete And that’s the recipe for making love And if you’ve made it right you’ll know

SHOP STRANDS: Jewelry For Little Girls

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Santorini, Greece

Santorini has been a lifelong dream of mine. I feel that it’s really rare that you set your expectations for something so high and then that something not only meets your expectations but surpasses it! This was one of those moments for both my husband and I. Santorini was everything we

California Girls

Had so much fun with these girls! I absolutely love all these bags and the hirachi sandals from Humble Hilo! Visit their website to see all their amazing products. You won’t be disappointed!

Ashli & Jude

I was so happy when I heard that Ashli and Jude had planned to hitch their bikes to the back of their car and road trip it to Newport Beach all the way from Arizona for our engagement session! I am SO glad they did because we had a ton of fun and those bikes were worth the trip!! SO excited to

Grandma & The Bakkens

Aren’t moms just the best?? I think so. I loved that Brooke (Brooke Bakken Photography) did a session with she and her kids with their grandma. There’s no one who loves us better or knows us more than our mama’s, am I right? These two had me cracking up the whole time. I adore

Corrine Stokoe of Mint Arrow

If you don’t already follow Corrine, you should definitely start NOW! She has all the latest and greatest fashions at discounted prices! She basically does all the dirty work for you and you get to reap the rewards! I’d say that’s a pretty good gig! We had such a great time

Eliza turns 6

I cannot believe that my baby girl is 6 years old! This little peanut is SO FULL of LIFE! We are constantly amazed by her precious spirit and all she has to offer this world. We had so much fun going to the “castle beach” together and playing dress up. If it weren’t for Eliza, our

Jane Seniors

I absolutely loved this session at the LAB in Costa Mesa. Jane is such a talented individual and she really accomplishes whatever she sets her mind out to do. SO proud of her for achieving her dreams and moving on to the next chapter in her life. College is going to LOVE her, and so do

Back To School

Well my little chicklets have finally left their nest. My daughter Eliza started kindergarten this year and my son Cash started Preschool. I must say it feels a little lonely with just my baby 18 month old (Duke) to be home with me, but I’m cherishing every second with him. It’s crazy

Baby Fallon

Welcome to the world little darling. What would a household full of three darling girls be like? I will never know, but fortunately for me, Erica is one of my best friends and welcoming baby Fallon to the world was like bringing in a member of the family to me. I love these people. Everyone adores