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Corrine Stokoe of Mint Arrow

If you don’t already follow Corrine, you should definitely start NOW! She has all the latest and greatest fashions at discounted prices! She basically does all the dirty work for you and you get to reap the rewards! I’d say that’s a pretty good gig!

We had such a great time together in Newport shooting their family photos. Corrine is expecting another girl and this was such a fun way to announce it with the giant pink balloon! Corrine was such a champ because little you may know, she had taken off her cast, set her scooter by the way side and took all these photos on a broken foot standing on one leg! If she’s not your favorite girl then you’re crazy! Cute AND cool? Double whammy 😉

Check it out!
2014-12-29_0001.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0003.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0002.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0004.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0005.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0006.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0008.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0007.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0010.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0011.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0009.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0012.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0013.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0014.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0015.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0016.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0017.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0018.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0019.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0020.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0021.jpgPin It2014-12-29_0022.jpgPin It

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