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Covered Goods Fall Line 2015

I absolutely love the new Covered Goods Fall Line of nursing covers! I love them so much I will likely purchase one to wear as a scarf even though I don’t have a newborn. These covers really are so versatile and can be used in such a variety of ways. Purchase your cover if you haven’t already, they are going fast!

2015-10-22_0001.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0002.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0004.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0003.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0005.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0006.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0008.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0007.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0009.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0011.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0013.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0021.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0014.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0017.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0015.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0019.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0023.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0024.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0025.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0027.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0028.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0031.jpgPin It2015-10-22_0029.jpgPin It

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