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Crete, Ephesus & Kusadasi

Our next stop on our European trip was to Crete, Greece. It was a smaller town but equally as beautiful as the others. The water here was unlike anything I had ever seen before! We ate at a little cafe right on the water and swam in the salty ocean. It was beautiful. Next we stopped in Ephesus, Turkey and saw where St. Paul was believed to have preached early Christianity to the people and wrote his first letter to the Corinthians as read in the Bible.  We were also able to visit the Virgin Mary’s House in Kusadasi. It was believed that she lived out her last days here. Tourists started writing their prayers and wishes to Mary and tying them to an outside gate near by. The wall is now covered for miles and it’s so beautiful to see what so many people have written and wished for themselves or others.

Take a look and see..

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