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Hayli & Brandon Malibu Elopement

I really tried my best here to narrow the selection down, but it’s so hard to tell a story without all the images (and I even had to delete a bunch!) This elopement was an absolute dream for me. Hayli and the girls started the morning off by getting ready together. It was so quiet. Just us and the hair and makeup team (Thank you cheek-to-cheek artistry!) The girl’s anticipation and excitement was the sweetest thing to watch. They loved having their makeup done and read over their vows a couple times to their (future) dad. When it was time to go, they loaded up in a limo (a little girls dream come true!) and headed out to El Pescador State Beach in Malibu which is so breathtaking I’m still dreaming about it. They all held hands and walked down the beaten path where Brandon (groom) was waiting. There was live music, a table set for four, beautiful flowers and an officiant so “seal the deal.” The ceremony was perfect. They all wrote vows to each other. They were crying, I was crying, I may have been crying more than they were crying…it’s all relative. After the ceremony, we played around at the beach together! They were all so happy and all dressed in white. It literally felt like we were all in heaven together. It was the most beautiful backdrop! When the night was over, I got to enjoy the most incredible sunset on the water. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it! It was amazing!

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