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Kathrine and Aaron: Mission San Juan Capistrano

These two! If they aren’t the most to die for couple I don’t know what is! This day was like eye candy for my soul. From the first look, to the flowers, to the location and her Peter Pan collar…I loved it all SO much!

Take a look.

2016-11-02_0025.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0026.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0027.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0028.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0029.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0030.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0031.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0032.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0033.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0034.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0036.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0037.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0039.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0038.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0041.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0043.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0042.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0044.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0045.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0047.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0046.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0048.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0050.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0051.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0054.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0052.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0055.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0056.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0057.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0058.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0059.jpgPin It2016-11-02_0060.jpgPin It

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