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Lexi & Jared: Happily Ever After

This wedding was so gorgeous. There were honestly so many beautiful details (not to even MENTION the gorgeousness of this beautiful couple!!) I didn’t even know how to start blogging them. This is only a small portion of  what took place and all the eye candy I consumed from start to finish!

 Take a look..

2016-03-04_0007.jpgPin ItDSC_9287Pin It2016-03-04_0010.jpgPin It2016-03-04_0016.jpgPin It2016-03-04_0013.jpgPin It2016-03-04_0017.jpgPin It2016-03-04_0018.jpgPin It2016-03-04_0019.jpgPin It2016-03-04_0020.jpgPin It2016-03-04_0021.jpgPin It2016-03-04_0022.jpgPin It2016-03-04_0023.jpgPin It2016-03-04_0024.jpgPin It2016-03-04_0025.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0001.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0015.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0002.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0017.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0007.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0003.jpgPin It
2016-03-07_0016.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0030.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0033.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0027.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0019.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0032.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0012.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0031.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0021.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0022.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0026.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0028.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0034.jpgPin It2016-03-07_0025.jpgPin It

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