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Crete, Ephesus & Kusadasi

Our next stop on our European trip was to Crete, Greece. It was a smaller town but equally as beautiful as the others. The water here was unlike anything I had ever seen before! We ate at a little cafe right on the water and swam in the salty ocean. It was beautiful. Next we stopped in Ephesus,

Covered Goods Fall Line 2015

I absolutely love the new Covered Goods Fall Line of nursing covers! I love them so much I will likely purchase one to wear as a scarf even though I don’t have a newborn. These covers really are so versatile and can be used in such a variety of ways. Purchase your cover if you haven’t

Arianne & Scott Bridal Session

I get asked a lot of times what a “bridal session” is. Bridal sessions are perfect for the bride and groom who would like to have a lot of portraits taken of them in their formal attire outside of the wedding day. This provides a wonderful opportunity for them to get both formal and

SHOP STRANDS: Jewelry For Little Girls

Jewelry for little girls now on SHOP STRANDS

Santorini, Greece

Santorini has been a lifelong dream of mine. I feel that it’s really rare that you set your expectations for something so high and then that something not only meets your expectations but surpasses it! This was one of those moments for both my husband and I. Santorini was everything we

Matt & Julie Get Hitched

I was so happy for these two to tie the knot. This one was a long time coming and all their friends and family were so happy to celebrate the two of them finding joy and happiness together. Matt having been widowed 12 years I’m sure can attest that Julie was worth the wait! All party details

Malta & Athens

Our next stop on our tour was Malta which just so happened to be the most pleasant surprise of our trip! Not knowing what to expect was likely the greatest thing about it because we had nothing to lose and everything to gain! I fell in love with the neutral colors by the seaside and how the city

Soudeh & Bardiyah Hotel Irvine Wedding

This wedding felt like a 5 star production from start to finish. Soudeh was indefinitely the most organized bride I’ve ever had and it was so helpful on the day of because she knew exactly what she wanted and photos were her main priority. It really made the day special for me to document

Humble Hilo

I so enjoy getting to work with these beautiful ladies. Humble Hilo has always had my heart with their beautiful purses and bags but now they have my soul with their diaper bag/backpacks! Such a genius idea and so practical. I love the stroller straps that can come on and off for accessibility. It

The Amalfi Coast

This was inevitably one of my favorite stops of our trip to Europe. I only wished we would have had more time to really explore on our own and get deep into the culture of all the beautiful towns. We made stops in Sorrento, Amalfi, Positano and Ravello and the urge to go back is only intensifying

Katy & Adam The Knot Feature

So thrilled to see this wedding featured over on The Knot! It was such a dream for me to photograph from start to finish and every last detail was so charming. Katy and Adam have become life long friends of mine through this process and I’m so glad they picked me to document their most

Rome, Italy

Spent some time in Europe a couple months back and am finally pouring over all the images. I desperately want to go back! This was our first stop in Rome, Italy where I lost my heart and left it there forever. Some of the best memories I’ve ever made..and I think we were on a solid diet of

Katrina and Rich

This engagement session was an absolute dream! The weather could not have been more perfect  and I was loving Katrina’s wardrobe! Such a beautiful couple inside and out! Super excited to photograph their wedding soon!

Covered Goods

I was so honored when Jamie of Covered Goods asked me to shoot her new products! These nursing covers are (in my opinion) the best on the market. They can be used in 4 versatile ways and they are super affordable! Plus her new designs and patterns have me all starry eyed! Check it out!

Brooke & Ben

Loved shooting these two babes at Riley Wilderness Park for their engagements! They have been together since high school and I’m so excited for them to tie the knot in a few short months! They were so nervous about what photos might be like and turns out, they are total pro’s! Check it

Austin and Amanda at Giracci Vineyards

I’ve known Amanda for a couple of years now by doing photos for her family when I first started in photography. You can imagine the sheer JOY I had when she called and asked if I would be her wedding photographer! I adore this girl and her family. Getting a taste of country on the blog

Ashley and Jordan

I absolutely cannot wait to photograph this duo tying the knot at the end of the month! Ashley and I have been friends since high school and I’m so excited to see her find true love. This scenery was absolutely breathtaking! I could do photoshoots in Utah all day long! Check out our session

Addison and Sam Jarman

Indefinitely some of the most laid back folks I’ve met. These two were so happy the entire day and up for anything! Addison was heels off, climbing over cliff sides getting her feet wet in the sand all day. An absolute dream!

Cyrus and Saedeh Heravi

What a beautiful Persian wedding from start to finish. I so enjoyed getting to know Cyrus and Saedeh and their families throughout this process. It was a beautiful setting on the Mission Viejo Golf Course and these two couldn’t have been a happier duo. Take a look..

Brittany & Tanner Tie the Knot

Brittany and Tanner are probably two of the classiest people I’ve ever met. They have SO much going for them and I just know they are going to accomplish amazing things together. I had so much fun shooting this wedding with Michaela over at Moose Studios! Take a look.

Chelsea and John

She’s an attorney and he’s a sailor who loves to fish! Perfect match right? Well it is on! These two seal the deal in just a few short months and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Mason & Mardock say I DO

I was so honored when my dear friend Jenny Mason asked me to photograph her daughter Ashley’s wedding. Jenny taught me everything I needed to know in the business when I was first starting photography and to be able to turn around and do photos for her was not only a little intimidating but

Jeff & Jordan

I love getting to know my clients from the time they start planning til the day they marry. They end up becoming dear friends of mine and I have so enjoyed getting to know these two. Their wedding day was as joyful for me as it was for any guest! It’s been so much fun watching them plan for

California Girls

Had so much fun with these girls! I absolutely love all these bags and the hirachi sandals from Humble Hilo! Visit their website to see all their amazing products. You won’t be disappointed!

Ashli & Jude

I was so happy when I heard that Ashli and Jude had planned to hitch their bikes to the back of their car and road trip it to Newport Beach all the way from Arizona for our engagement session! I am SO glad they did because we had a ton of fun and those bikes were worth the trip!! SO excited to

Gracie & Matt Style Me Pretty Feature

So honored to have this wedding featured over on Style Me Pretty today! This wedding was SUCH a dream! Matt is my cousin so photographing my family was already so heart warming for me but to see the love between Gracie and Matt was an exceptional privilege. Love these two so much! I’m still

Michelle & Jess

“When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.” -William Shakespeare

Grandma & The Bakkens

Aren’t moms just the best?? I think so. I loved that Brooke (Brooke Bakken Photography) did a session with she and her kids with their grandma. There’s no one who loves us better or knows us more than our mama’s, am I right? These two had me cracking up the whole time. I adore

The Oakley Family

I have loved photographing this family year after year. They have become more than clients, they are dear friends and nothing brings me more joy than to capture these people’s faces! How cute can they seriously be? And what a treasure to have their grandparents to join in on the fun. Such

Smart Family of Humble Hilo

If you haven’t checked out Humble Hilo yet, you should definitely leave this page and do so now! Erica and Ryan are proud co-owners of the company’s profitable Bag/Shoe company. All their products are made in Guatemala and a portion of every sale they make goes to needy families there.

Jason and Ninh

I absolutely loved shooting this wedding with my dear friend Jessica Kettle out in San Diego. Jason and Ninh were the most easy going couple and they had impeccable style! Not to mention talent! Ninh did all the calligraphy and chalk art herself. SO impressive. Take a peek at their intimate

Corrine Stokoe of Mint Arrow

If you don’t already follow Corrine, you should definitely start NOW! She has all the latest and greatest fashions at discounted prices! She basically does all the dirty work for you and you get to reap the rewards! I’d say that’s a pretty good gig! We had such a great time

Eliza turns 6

I cannot believe that my baby girl is 6 years old! This little peanut is SO FULL of LIFE! We are constantly amazed by her precious spirit and all she has to offer this world. We had so much fun going to the “castle beach” together and playing dress up. If it weren’t for Eliza, our

Jane Seniors

I absolutely loved this session at the LAB in Costa Mesa. Jane is such a talented individual and she really accomplishes whatever she sets her mind out to do. SO proud of her for achieving her dreams and moving on to the next chapter in her life. College is going to LOVE her, and so do

Mark and Ramune: Downtown Fullterton Wedding

Mark and Ramune had a beautiful, intimate wedding in the heart of downtown Fullerton! Ramune is from Lithuania and I love that she wanted to incorporate her countries colors by adding the balloons to their photos. Ramune in Lithuanian means “daisy” and that is exactly what she is. A

Caitlin and Jordan St. Regis Monarch Beach

This wedding was such a dream! I have known Caitlin since she was just a little tiny girl and to see her all grown up and in her wedding gown made my heart swell to no extent! So enjoyed capturing she and Jordan on their wedding day at the St. Regis in Monarch Beach! Flowers by the incredible Posey