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Paige, Lee & Little Rafe

Let it go down in history that this is the cutest engaged family on the planet!!! Their love story is unlike one I’ve ever heard before.

Paige has been a single mother to her adorable son Rafe for about 4 years now. One day, she posted a photo on Instagram of her son and it was featured on the Mormon Channel Instagram page. Well low and behold, Lee, her now fiancee saw said photo, clicked on the link where it led to her blog and he clearly thought she was stunning (I mean, just look at her) so he asked her for her number! They have been together ever since! Lee was seriously BORN to be a dad and little Rafe just adores him. My heart was mush by the time this session was over! See for yourselves! I absolutely cannot WAIT to photograph their wedding in Utah this summer!

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