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Palm Springs

My husband and I decided to take a little road trip over Spring Break so I could play around with some photo ideas. Getting into fashion photography has always been a dream of mine and I’ve actually never even photographed a male before unless it was for head shots! My husband was such a champ for letting me experiment on him (and I know he was hating life but he was such a good sport!) PLUS he is a total babe and I want to kiss his face off in all these photos!

We had so much fun staying at the Saguaro in Palm Springs! They had free bike rentals every day and we had such a blast riding them around town, eating good food and lounging by the pool. Missing it already!

2016-04-21_0002.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0001.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0028.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0029.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0027.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0003.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0005.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0006.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0008.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0009.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0007.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0010.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0011.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0012.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0013.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0014.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0015.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0016.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0017.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0019.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0021.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0022.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0023.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0025.jpgPin It2016-04-21_0024.jpgPin It

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