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Rome, Italy

Spent some time in Europe a couple months back and am finally pouring over all the images. I desperately want to go back! This was our first stop in Rome, Italy where I lost my heart and left it there forever. Some of the best memories I’ve ever made..and I think we were on a solid diet of gelato for the duration of our stay. Take a peek!

2015-08-14_0067.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0068.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0069.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0070.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0071.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0072.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0073.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0074.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0075.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0076.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0077.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0078.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0079.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0080.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0081.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0082.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0083.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0084.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0085.jpgPin It2015-08-14_0086.jpgPin It

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