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The Oakley Family

I have loved photographing this family year after year. They have become more than clients, they are dear friends and nothing brings me more joy than to capture these people’s faces! How cute can they seriously be? And what a treasure to have their grandparents to join in on the fun. Such cherished moments. Take a peek!

2015-01-21_0022.jpgPin It2015-01-21_0023.jpgPin It2015-01-21_0024.jpgPin It2015-01-21_0030.jpgPin It2015-01-21_0029.jpgPin It2015-01-21_0028.jpgPin It2015-01-21_0027.jpgPin It2015-01-21_0026.jpgPin It2015-01-21_0025.jpgPin It2015-01-21_0031.jpgPin It2015-01-21_0032.jpgPin It2015-01-21_0033.jpgPin It2015-01-21_0034.jpgPin It2015-01-21_0035.jpgPin It2015-01-21_0037.jpgPin It2015-01-21_0036.jpgPin It

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